An innovative way to Recycle & Repurpose Plastic for a Sustainable Future.


Plastics are such a hard one to think of ways to repurpose. Often pallets come to us and they are wrapped in plastic to secure the product in its travels to us. Plastic does create such a great protection and barrier to goods, particularly food and in our industry, it is imperative that we don’t have exposure to any contamination. 

Within the business we can control the use of plastic and choose the recyclable plastics wherever possible, it is getting much easier as the years go by to get access to these plastics. Of course, when we send pallets of goods around the country and world, the pallet wrapper gets put to great use to secure the goods on the pallet for its journey. 

Vonnie reusing plastic in Archery Targets

Unique use of plastic

Much to our surprise and delight, we have one of our previous team members who is passionate about archery. She is a member of a club just outside of Toowoomba and when she needs to erect targets they need something to ‘stuff’ them with so they can stand upright suitable for target practice. 

During one of our team meetings, discussing and brainstorming some solutions for this plastic waste, she popped her hand up and shared with us how useful this would be at the archery club. 

Each week Vonnie gathers up all the plastic waste in the warehouse and takes it to the club where they use and old wool press to make the bales then they mount large images of various animals onto the bales for targets onto the sides of the bales, and they can practice shooting with their arrows. 

 You can read more about our commitment to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

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