How the (Anzac) Cookie Crumbles - How our Crumble is Made

Anzac Crumble in front of Coconut Bowl topped with Crumble

The Sustainable Magic Behind GF Oats Crumble

At GF Oats, we strive to minimize waste in every way possible. One of the innovative ways we do this is through our unique GF Oats Crumble, specifically our Anzac Crumble. We are taking you behind the scenes to show you how this delicious treat is made.

The Inspiration: Anzac Biscuits

Our Anzac Biscuits are the first Anzac Biscuit to hit the Australian market using GF Oats - Approved by Veterans Affairs, supporting Legacy. However, not every biscuit makes it to the consumer in perfect condition. Sometimes, biscuits get damaged during transport or production, making them unsuitable for sale. But at GF Oats, we see this as an opportunity rather than a setback.

From Broken Biscuits to Beautiful Crumble

Instead of letting these less-than-perfect Anzac biscuits go to waste, we collect them and give them a second life. These damaged biscuits are carefully blended to create a fine crumble, retaining all the flavors and textures that make Anzac biscuits so irresistible. The result? A delicious and sustainable GF Oats Crumble that's perfect for sprinkling over yogurts, desserts, or enjoying on its own.

Hour Our Anzac Crumble is Made

The Process: Turning Waste into Wonder

The process of making our Anzac Crumble is both simple and ingenious. Here's how it's done:

Collection: We collect the damaged or imperfect Anzac biscuits that we receive, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.Blending: The collected biscuits are then carefully blended to create a fine and uniform crumble. This step ensures that every bite is filled with the authentic Anzac biscuit flavor. Packaging: Once the crumble is ready, it's packaged and labeled, ready to go. Sale and Enjoyment: Finally, the GF Oats Anzac Crumble is ready to be sold and enjoyed by our customers, turning what could have been waste into a delicious and guilt-free treat.

Why Choose GF Oats Crumble?

Aside from its delicious taste and sustainable production process, there are many reasons to choose GF Oats Crumble:

Wheat, Rye & Barley Contamination Free: Our crumble is made from our GF Oats, making it suitable for those with strict dietry requirements.

Versatile: Whether you sprinkle it over your morning yogurt, add it to your favorite dessert, or enjoy it straight out of the bag, our Anzac Crumble is incredibly versatile.

Sustainable: By using damaged Anzac biscuits to create our crumble, we're reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable food system.

In Conclusion

At GF Oats, we believe that sustainability and deliciousness can go hand in hand. Our Anzac Crumble is a perfect example of this philosophy in action, turning what could have been waste into a delightful and sustainable treat. So the next time you're looking for a guilt-free indulgence, why not give our GF Oats Anzac Crumble a try? Your taste buds and the planet will thank you!


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