Oat Flour: All You Need To Know

As a less processed, more vitamin rich product in comparison to plain flour, oat flour is fastly becoming a favourite for the health conscious and those looking to make small changes in their day to day life. Oat flour is a great staple to keep in your kitchen for all your baking and cooking needs, with similar density, availability and consistency to flour, it is the more nutritious alternative when it comes to flour. 

What is Oat Flour?

Oat flour is made from ground oats. Very simple! Oat flour is capable of making some incredible baked goods and breakfasts. We’e talking light and fluffy bread, pancakes, waffles, golden brown cookies, all the essential things. I have also used it in gravy and biscuits.

Can I make Oat Flour from Oats?

Yes, all you simply need is a few minutes, a blender and oats to make your own Oat Flour at home.

How to make Oat flour

Grab yourself a blender. Any of our steamed rolled oats will work but using the GF Quick Oats will take less time. Add in approximately 2 cups of your favourite GF Oats. Don’t overburden the blender and if your blender is smaller or less powerful, then, by all means, blend your oats in smaller portions. Once you have added your GF Oats to your blender or food processor, turn it on high, and let it do its thing! After a few minutes, most of the oats should look very fine and powdery. Now just use a fine food strainer and sift the flour through. You can discard any of the lumps that are residue or set them aside to use in your next smoothie. Good luck and enjoy this easy DIY Oat flour project.

Is Oat Flour gluten free?

This depends on your location in the world. In countries like the USA and some European countries, oats are considered gluten free. However, we are afraid to say that until our oats can be called gluten-free like the rest of the world, we are unable to listed our products as so. 

Can I replace flour with Oat Flour? 

Yes & no, Oat flour can replace your pantry’s current multi-purpose flour, however baked on it's own without adding in other gluten free flours, the baked product will crumble and is a chewier textured product in comparison.
Oat Flour is also sweeter than regular flours, therefore, sugar can also be reduced. When using oat flour, it is always recommended to increase the original recipes flour, for example, for 1 cup of Plain Flour use 1 ⅓ Cups of oats.

We do sell Oat Flour in our range.

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