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You know that moment when someone asks you to dinner and you politely say, what can I bring, then you hear the words ‘dessert’. Eekkkk!

We have you covered, as long as you have a packet of biscuit crumble in the pantry or the freezer. 

The idea behind the biscuit crumbles was a bit of a mistake, which so often is the case with great ideas.  We ended up with some of our beautiful biscuits which were out of specification, which means they weren’t quite what we asked for. Normally you would just throw them out, or donate them to the local pig farmer, such a waste of beautiful expensive ingredients.  Some bright spark suggested we turn it into a crumble and create some recipes.

Well… the rest is history as they say...

What is a Biscuit Crumble? That’s a valid question…

Biscuit crumble is just biscuits, preferably crunchy ones, blended or blitzed up into a crumble consistency, similar to breadcrumbs.

Top 3 ways to use crumble in your life

  1. Crumbles are fantastic to make bases for desserts. You can use them in a flan tin or make the base for individual serves in a muffin tray.
  2. Sprinkle some crumble on some yogurt or ice cream for a little guilt-free dessert or snack.
  3. Mix the crumble with some oats and coconut oil and there you have your topping for your favourite apple pie.

BUT, we have a dozen great ideas in our Get your Crumble on recipe E-book that has delicious and easy biscuit crumble recipes you can download and have on hand whenever you get that dreaded ‘dessert’ call.

##This week we have the last of a batch that has a best before by July. There is a mixture of Anzac flavoured crumble and Chocolate Chip, and they are all ½ price until SOLD OUT!!!

Stock up and by all means pop them in the freezer!!

💙Thank you for your continued support
Kylie & the GF Oats Team 

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