Want to know more about our new Native Oz Bushfoods syrups?

Earlier on this year, we reached out to the team at Native Oz Bushfoods as we had a vision to offer some beautifully made and flavoured local sauces that might just pair with our Oats. 

Native Oz Bushfoods is proudly Aboriginal owned and made and celebrates Aussie bushtukka. Like GF Oats, Native Oz Bushfoods had some ups and downs and experienced a few challenges along their journey to bring their product to market. In spite of the challenges, they have managed to create some beautiful products that celebrate native ingredients and GF Oats is proud to share their creations with you.

Native Oz Bushfoods syrups allow you to bring the wonderful aromas of the Australian bush into your kitchen with three incredible and distinctive flavours that are carefully crafted from native fruits and plants. And goodness gracious the flavours are divine. Hand to heart you're going to fall in love with your morning oats all over again, just as we have. 

Swap the usual honey for these delightful hand-crafted sauces drizzled over your porridge, add them to oaty smoothies and use them as toppings for ice cream, milkshakes and any number of desserts. Or try some mixed-in with sparkling water for a refreshing and unique drink. We have so many ideas!

BUT, most importantly let the flavour of our Quandong (Native Peach) Syrup carry you away with its' fragrant mildness or spice it up with our Kakudu Plum & Aniseed Myrtle Syrup, which is sure to be a unique taste you won't soon forget. Our final flavour is derived from the Davidson Plum and is rich, indulgent, and perfectly delicious.

Buy separately, or in a pack of three so that you can try each flavour. Grab your native Australian syrups here. 

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