What are the dangers of a gluten free diet?

What are the dangers of a gluten free diet?

Adopting a gluten-free diet, especially when not required for medical reasons such as coeliac disease, carries certain risks and drawbacks.

Here are some potential dangers or issues associated with a gluten-free diet:

  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Gluten-free products often lack the vitamins, minerals, and fibre found in their gluten-containing counterparts. This can lead to deficiencies in B vitamins, iron, and fibre, among others.

  • Increased Risk of Heart Disease: Some research suggests that avoiding whole grains that contain gluten could increase the risk of heart disease if these grains are not adequately replaced with other nutrient-rich foods.

  • Higher Intake of Processed Foods: Many gluten-free processed foods are made with refined grains that are lower in fibre and can be higher in sugar and fat, which is not ideal for overall health.

  • Social and Psychological Impact: Following a strict gluten-free diet can also lead to challenges in social situations, such as dining out or attending social gatherings, which can affect mental health and quality of life.

  • Higher Cost: Gluten-free products tend to be more expensive than their gluten-containing equivalents, which can increase grocery bills significantly.

  • Exposure to Arsenic: Some gluten-free diets rely heavily on rice, which can accumulate arsenic. High levels of arsenic intake can lead to health issues. 

It's important to carefully plan and manage a gluten-free diet to ensure it is balanced and nutritious, particularly if it is not medically necessary.

Consulting with a dietitian or nutritionist can be helpful in planning meals that meet all nutritional needs.

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  • I have a 4 yr old grandchild who is a true coeliac. He was diagnosed approx 6 mths ago via blood tested and endoscopy. He was iron deficient at the time of diagnosis also.

    I would appreciate any newsletters, as we are concerned re : fis fibre. Intake and to offer him the best diet possible.

    Kind regards


    Sally GRAHAM
  • We have been lied to about everything. I have done a lot of research, and it has been 6 years to get my health back. I take a lot of herbal powders mixed and taking Aloe vera juice/powder which has improved my body gut/bones and overall organs/skin. I have refused to see a doctor, the BS you get told and they fear you for their benefits $$$. I will continue to buy your products :) The truth is within you :)
    Angela Del Giacco

    Angela Del Giacco

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