When to Start Feeding Babies Oats?

When to Start Feeding Babies Oats?

Oats make an appetizing and nutritious, whole grain cereal for babies. Accordingly, doctors recommend oat cereal as one of the first foods to introduce to infants, as a compliment to breast milk or baby formula feedings. For parents, feeding their baby his or her first solid foods, such as oats, is a fun and exciting time. However, the moment often comes with a plethora of questions including‚

When to start feeding babies oats and which oats?

Generally, parents can start feeding their babies oats when they are ready introduce solid foods. Although every baby develops differently, most infants are ready to be introduced to solid foods between 4 and 6 months, but check with your health professional, especially if you In addition to age, babies will start showing signs that he or she is ready to eat solid foods.For example, your baby may watch you intently, lean forward or reach out as you eat. These actions show that your baby is interested in food. We would suggest you introduce Quick Oats  as the texture is better for a sensitive pallet. You can even grind the oats down further to ensure there is no random husks in the bowl.

Other signs that suggest your baby may be ready to eat oat cereal include:

  • Your baby can hold his or her head steadily in an upright position, without tilting back.
  • Your baby can open his or her mouth for a spoon and move food back to the throat to swallow.
  • Your baby can sit up with little support in an infant seat or high chair.
  • If your baby can do these things, and you consulted with your doctor regarding your baby‚Äôs readiness to eat solid foods, then you can start feeding your little one oats.

Oats contain many nutrients that babies need, including iron to prevent anaemia. Additionally, oat cereal is easy for babies to digest.However, if this is one of your baby's first solid foods, make the consistency thin or runny. Your baby may only eat a couple of teaspoons, once or twice a day at first. As baby becomes accustomed to oats and gets better at swallowing, he or she will start eating more and you can try thickening the consistency.It's also important to remember, when introducing your infant to new foods, do it one at a time. In other words, when you try a new single grain cereal such as oats, wait a few days before you try rice or barley. This enables you to watch for any intolerance or allergic reactions.

Parents look forward to the moments they introduce new tastes and textures into their baby's diet. And indeed, so do babies. When your little ones state of development is ready for solid foods, you can start feeding him or her oats.

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