Quick Oats Preorders Open at Last!

🙌 1 week only🙌

The wait is nearly over...supply chains are giving us an endless headache in 2022. For those who rely on the Quick Oats you will know we have unfortunately run out of it. 

This order was placed in November last year, for dispatch in December, anticipating that it would arrive by early February. Well Covid has other plans and we just are not in control of any of this. Garry ended up ringing the freight company everyday for a month until they got this load on a boat.

FINALLY, they are about to arrive in port, but the journey is not over yet, we must clear customs, clear the Brisbane wharf line-up and then get them up the range to our warehouse for compliance checks before they head off to Endeavour for packing. It’s an intense journey but we are so grateful to finally see them on Aussie soil.This week our Deal of the Week is a 15% discount on the Quick Oats which has been out of stock for several weeks.

If you aren't familiar with how this works, A pre-order is when we sell the stock to you at a great discount while we wait for all the above steps (which is about a 2 week turnaround), you jump on the deal QUICKLY and enjoy the savings and we will dispatch the minute we have them packed.
The DEAL is for 1 week only! 🙌

🌱🌱PS ALSO NOTE: you can add anything else to the order but it will be all dispatched at the same time unless you are happy with 2 freight costs, but who wants that 👎🏼

💙Thank you for your continued support

Kylie & the GF Oats Team     

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