The Nutrient-Rich Goodness of GF Oats: Why We Exclude Nuts, Refined Sugars, Flavours, Dairy, and GMOs


In the world of health-conscious consumers and dietary restrictions, GF Oats stands as a shining example of a brand that prioritises wholesome ingredients and transparency. our commitment to producing oats that are free from refined sugars, flavours, dairy, and GMOs is not just a marketing ploy but a reflection of our dedication to providing truly nutritious and allergy-friendly products. In this blog post, we will delve into why GF Oats makes these exclusions and explore the incredible benefits of our products.

*Ps note that the muesli lines have nuts and we manufacture and pack in facilities that can not assure nut free premises. 
*We are however happy to pack customers a 2kg bag 'in house' by request, ps email us to enquire. 

The Absence of Refined Sugars

Refined sugars are often added to food products to enhance sweetness, but they offer little to no nutritional value and can lead to various health issues like obesity and diabetes when consumed excessively. GF Oats' commitment to using no refined sugars means that our products are sweetened from unrefined sugar such as coconut sugar or not at all. This choice supports a healthier lifestyle by helping consumers maintain stable blood sugar levels and avoid the pitfalls of excessive sugar consumption.

No Artificial Flavours

Artificial flavours can be found in countless processed foods and can contribute to an unhealthy diet. GF Oats' decision to exclude artificial flavours from our products reflects our dedication to providing pure and natural oats. This ensures that our products taste genuine and allows customers to savour the true flavour of oats without any synthetic additives.

Dairy-Free Delight

Dairy products are another common allergen, and many people also choose to follow a dairy-free lifestyle due to lactose intolerance or dietary preferences. GF Oats' products are dairy-free, making them suitable for individuals with dairy allergies and those adhering to vegan or lactose-free diets. This inclusivity is a testament to our commitment to providing options that cater to a wide range of dietary needs.

GMO-Free Assurance

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been a topic of concern for many health-conscious consumers. GF Oats ensures our products are GMO-free, providing peace of mind to those who prefer to avoid GMOs for various reasons. This commitment to purity aligns with our goal of delivering wholesome and natural oats to our customers.

Benefits of GF Oats' Products

1. Nutrient-Rich Goodness: 

GF Oats are packed with essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They offer a natural source of energy and can help support a healthy digestive system.

2. Versatility: 

GF Oats can be used in various recipes, from classic oatmeal to wheat,rye & barley free baking. Our versatility makes it easy to incorporate oats into a balanced diet.

3. Allergy-Friendly: 

The absence of nuts and dairy in GF Oats' products ensures that they are safe for individuals with allergies or dietary restrictions, making them a trusted choice for many.

Please note we do have a ‘may contain nuts’ on our packaging as we were legally advised to add this to our allergen statement due to the fact we use a co-packer Endeavour who may also pack products containing nuts. If you have a nut allergy we have a machine in house that does NOT process nut lines we are happy to pack a minimum of 2kg for you at no extra charge, as we know how important this allergy is.  Please email us to enquire. 

4. Better Blood Sugar Control: 

The lack of refined sugars helps maintain stable blood sugar levels, making GF Oats suitable for those managing diabetes or anyone aiming for a healthier diet.


GF Oats' commitment to excluding refined sugars, flavours, dairy, and GMOs from our products is a testament to our dedication to providing nutritious, allergy-friendly, and wholesome options for consumers. By making these choices, they've created a range of products that can be enjoyed by a diverse audience while promoting healthier eating habits. If you're looking for high-quality, allergen-free oats, GF Oats is undoubtedly a brand worth exploring.

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