Traditional Oatmeal Kitchen Spurtle for GF Oats

Traditional Oatmeal Kitchen Spurtle

GF Oats Australia is excited to stock the Traditional Oatmeal Kitchen Spurtle.

These Oatmeal Kitchen Spurtles are hand-made from Australian Hardwood timer like Red Gum. They are made in South-East Queensland, Australia by “Bryan’s Woody Bits – Bespoke Timber Products”.

Oatmeal Kitchen Spurtles are the perfect addition to your kitchen. Also a great gift idea to go with some of our GF Oats products.  Another gift idea, put together a hamper using our products for health-minded people.



The Spurtle (or “spirtle”) is a traditional Scots kitchen tool from the 15th century.  Over time the original implement changed shape and began being specifically used for stirring oatmeal and soups.  Also, the rod-like shape is designed for constant stirring which prevents the porridge from congealing or lumpy.  The Spurtle is a wooden dowl with a contoured end to give the user a better grip and is suitable for any stirring or mixing tasks in the kitchen.

Because the Spurtle is made from wood, it won’t scratch your pots or cookware. Furthermore, recent studies have found that wood contains chemicals that fight bacterial growth.

It is easy to care for your spurtle, just wash in warm soapy water and leave it to dry thoroughly. If you feel it needs a touch of oil, use food grade Tung Oil to bring the timber back to life.


What is a Spurtle and what is it used for?
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