Not all oats are created equal.

We thought that they were, until we discovered uncontaminated oats in the USA in 2007. When Kylie first trialled these oats she had never eaten such beautiful rich creamy oats, not to mention that they were free from the contamination found in wheat, rye and barley, unlike the other oats on the market. A study published around 2006 in Australia concluded that oats had gluten, however, in the US they had found that that this was not the case and that in fact, those with allergies were reacting to the Avenin in oats, which is the protein. Kylie trialled these uncontaminated oats on her young family as she was determined to avoid the gluten free cereals on the market that were based on corn, soy and loads of sugar. Her family thrived and so began the journey of GF Oats Australia.
You can read more about Kylie's journey here. 

Oats are one of the few foods that don't lose nutritional value through processing although there are some differences between the different types of oats that you can buy.  Steel cut and steamed rolled oats contain a little more fibre than instant oats. However, instant oats are a better option for babies, the elderly and anyone with digestive sensitivities due to the ease on the palette. 

Oats are a valuable grain to add to your diet. In fact, oats are so important they have been named a superfood. Oats contain manganese, a mineral that helps bone formation. Just one cup of oats gives you 70% of your daily manganese dose. Along with that comes healthy helpings of vitamin B1 and magnesium. In addition, oats help to keep you fuller for longer. The fibre content of oats helps regulate your blood sugar, keeping you full and satisfied for longer periods of time. And that is not all. The fibre in oats can also help your cholesterol levels.

In a review of several studies on oatmeal, published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, the data concluded that the soluble fibre in oats does indeed lower cholesterol and contains properties that bolster cardiovascular health.

Overall oatmeal benefits mentioned in the study include:

A natural source of energy, vitamins and minerals.

  • Oats are a nutrient-dense superfood packed with incredible nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Also, a higher fiber- beta-glucan, antioxidants- avenanthramides, and protein contents make it an incredibly great food choice for you to incorporate into your everyday diet.

Curbing weight gain.

  • A bowl of oats densely rich with nutrients and calories topped with your favourite fruits, dry fruits, nuts, seeds, butter, etc. is low GI and satiating.

Quality carbs to fuel your brain and muscles and support heart health

  • Soluble fibre found in oats prevent blood sugar levels from rising after a meal. Generally, the glycemic load of less processed oats is low to medium. Oats are naturally rich in antioxidants, “avenanthramides,” which aren’t found in any other cereal grain. And these magical antioxidants are known to greatly improve heart health by reducing inflammation and relaxing arteries. A study revealed that individuals who ate oats showed a 23% drop in overall cholesterol levels. The soluble fibre beta-glucans prevent the oxidation and circulation of harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood. It thereby reduces the risks of heart attack and others such as coronary artery disease.

Soothe itchy skin

  • Symptoms of several itchy skin conditions, such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, are significantly reduced when you add oats to your everyday diet. Even its anti-inflammatory properties make oats a great skin moisturiser to soothe itchy skin. Oats has fabulous benefits for the skin, we have a lovely personal care skin range with no nasties. 

 A source of plant based protein 

  • Oats are a good source of high quality protein, with a good balance of essential amino acids ( 2 ). Oats are loaded with important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant plant compounds.

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Sources: treehugger.com foodaily.com.au
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