Why You Should Add Raw Honey To Your Diet

Honey has been referred to as liquid gold from time to time over the ages. I just love this idea as it one of the very few foods given to us where we don’t have to kill the animal to obtain this treasure. There are so many health benefits from honey, not only for eating but there are also many different medical benefits from honey. And it is now being added to many creams and ointments to help with skin concerns, added to lozenges for throat pain and much more. But why should you add raw honey to your diet? How will it benefit you?


Raw honey is a great source of energy. Carbohydrates in the form of fructose and glucose supply the mind and body with energy. It can increase endurance and reduce muscle fatigue. Raw honey can be used as a quick energy boost before enduring exercise or sporting activities.


Raw honey not only provides you with lots of minerals and nutrients, but it also provides you with a lot of different antioxidants. Honey also contains flavonoid pinocembrin which is unique to honey. This helps to support and promote healthy enzyme activity. Raw honey is one of the only foods that helps to slow the depletion of enzymes through the ingestion of amylase.

Supports good bacteria

Honey supports bifidobacterial which is found in the gastrointestinal tract and is needed for a healthy gut. The pre and probiotics in honey help the growth of bifidobacteria and help aid digestion. Honey does not ferment in the stomach which means that it is able to counteract digestion issues.

Strengthen Immune System

Honey contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can help in the strengthening of your immune system. Using honey in your meals can also help to fight against bacterial and viral illnesses both before you contract them and whilst you have them. The honey not only helps to fight the infection with its properties but strengthens the immune system to help provide you with a higher chance of avoiding the illness next time around.

Blood Sugar Control

Studies are being done to determine the effects of using honey as an alternative sweetener and how it reacts with your blood sugar levels. So far studies have shown that using honey has been more effective than other sweeteners to help the controlling of your blood sugar and insulin levels.

Lower Cholesterol

Using raw honey as a substitute for official sweeteners and sugars has been shown to help in the reducing of your cholesterol levels. However, if you use artificial honey then you risk having the opposite effect – to ensure you are getting the real stuff before making the change.

GF Oats Raw Honey contains the wonderful flavours of a wide range of Natives plant species, predominately Wattles, Eucalyptus, Lilly Pillies & Callistemons. The hives are situated between Highfields, where we are based and Crows Nest. There is a predominance of forest in this area, so the source is abundant.

Why not bring raw honey into your diet? You can buy yourself a jar of raw honey here and start reaping the benefits.

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