The Importance of Breakfast

I am a super breakfast lover, BUT, yes there are days when I couldn’t really care whether I ate the first thing in the morning or not. On those days I will often just wait until I feel hungry (but NOT hangry 😉).

There are also people who prefer to start eating later in the day. I say, you know what works for you, so I’m not judging anyone for whether they eat breakfast regularly or not. If you don’t know what works for you, then, by all means, follow the recommendation to tuck into some good ole wholesome breakfast every morning to start your day.

The importance of breakfast in simple terms is that it kick-starts your metabolism. The general recommendation from doctors for years has been to eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking up. The predominant benefits that come from it, is that it gives you the energy you need to get things done in the morning, focus on work or school and essentially fuel your body throughout the morning until you get to lunchtime when you should have another meal. 

Continuing on this theme, today we’ve brought you 3 more reasons for why we think breakfast is super important to start your day off!

  1. Sets the Tone for the Day

Choosing a simple nutritious breakfast, like oats, of course, sets the tone for the day, giving you a great boost of energy in the balanced form of protein, fibre and carbohydrates. This can also promote weight loss and maintenance (you can read more about how to use oats for weight loss here).

  1. Stimulates your Metabolism to Maintain Your Weight

Choosing a breakfast like oats can also assist in restoring & maintaining blood glucose levels but breakfast, in general, stimulates metabolism after a period of fasting throughout the night. Starting your day right with a fabulous bowl of oats helps activate the thermogenesis process and boosts your metabolism more than eating the same meal in the evening because you’ve just been fasting for a significant amount of time. Oats can be enjoyed for breakfast in many different ways. Check out some of our recipes such as our overnight oats, oat smoothies and more here.

  1. Boosts Brain Function

Last but probably one of my favourite reasons you should choose to have breakfast is to boost your brain function. A hearty breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal is a great choice. We all know that the mornings get busy but it is so important especially for all of us to get our brains into gear for the day. We owe it to our friends, work colleagues, employers and more to stay on the ball and start off the day with good productivity.
To finish off, at GF Oats, we love eating oats for breakfast and think that breakfast is a truly important meal to start your day. To find some awesome breakfast recipes that incorporate oats, check our recipes section and sign up to our weekly email newsletter to get more breakfast ideas straight into your inbox!

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