Frequently Asked Questions about GF Oats:


Q. Are these oats gluten free?

A. These are the same oats sold and labelled as gluten-free in the USA, Canada, UK and parts of Europe


Q. Why aren’t these oats labelled gluten free oats?

A. Due to restrictions in the current Australian labelling laws we are unable to make a claim on packaging that any product containing oats are gluten free.  However we have our latest Gluten Free Test results displayed under the Compliance Tab with corresponding batch numbers to show you that these oats are tested to <3ppm.


Q. Aren’t oats naturally gluten free?

A. Oats are generally contaminated at the farm level as farmers grow other gluten containing grains and then use the same machinery in their processing, storing or carting.


Q. Are these oats safe for Coeliacs?

A. These oats are grown and produced by the Smith family in Wyoming who are a family of Coeliacs, so the understand the disease, its complications and the need for a pure uncontaminated oats products that customers can trust.

Please refer to the statement released by the Coeliac Society.


Q. Where are these oats grown and why can’t we grow them in Australia?

A. GK Gluten Free Foods imports the oats from GF Harvest in Wyoming, USA.

The Smiths maintain their own certified planting and seed and personally contract “Seedsman” who have now grown any wheat, rye or barley on their land for at least 2 years.  They use harvesters for only or alternative non-gluten crops.  Each field is completely walked at least six times during the growing season to make sure that no volunteer glutinous products are growing in the field.