Oats Smoothie

This Summer’s Smoothie Series pick of 2019 is the Oat Smoothie. Perfect for a hot summer’s day, these smoothies are not only delicious but filling and packed full of oat goodness using our very own GF Oats

Oat smoothies are a great choice for breakfast because they are filling, keep you fuller for longer than most other breakfast foods and don’t lack in the nutritional value department either. Smoothies with oats, in particular, are great for digestion as they have more fibre and have a mild flavour that goes with everything! From chocolate smoothies to berry and banana smoothies, they make a perfect complementary ingredient to any smoothie. Our favourite ingredients you can combine in your everyday smoothies include blueberries for wonderful anti-oxidants and GF Oats chocolate muesli for added sweetness and healthy fatty acids that come from organic cacao chocolate. 

Smoothies are perfect for summer, particularly because you can have them whenever you want! Whether it’s for a healthy breakfast, a post-lunch or post-workout snack for the added protein, or after dinner as a frozen dessert (yes, you can freeze oat smoothies!). A favourite amongst kids for being jam packed with healthy and authentic flavours, we’re sure you’ll love our Oat recipe of the season and all of our oat recipes in the GF Oats blog. 

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