Can you use Oats For Weight-loss?

Using Oats For Weight Loss

My Top 3 keys to prevent sabotaging your breakfast for weight loss


Oats have long been considered a superfood and the best breakfast for weight loss. A staple that provides us with many health benefits, but when it comes to weight loss, in particular, it packs a real punch in providing vital vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre that helps sustain you for longer and keeping the system moving in the right direction. 

Eating a nutritious option for breakfast, as I guess you have heard many times, is the trick to keeping blood sugars in tack for the day and kick start that metabolism. You can read my Top 3 Reasons why Oats is the Healthiest Breakfast Option.

Steamed rolled oats provide a quick morning breakfast that you can have warm or cold for every season of the year. I did an article about the good old fashioned rolled oats and how it is all the rage again, check it out here. The fact is steamed rolled oats are minimally processed or low GI and your body will have to work harder to break down those complex carbohydrates, the meaning, of course, you will burn more calories.

However, there are a few traps that you can fall into that can prevent the weight loss you are chasing. Let’s dive into them.

Serving Size

How much oatmeal do you need for weight loss?

This often unhinges people as portion control is always a consideration when it comes to weight loss. What I suggest is measuring your oat serve when you are wanting to use oats in your weight loss plan. Because you would be surprised at how much you are probably eating per serve if you are just tipping the oats into your bowl. Stick to around 50 grams or ½ cup if you are a female and about 70g or ¾ cup if you are a male as a general guide.

Add in around 1 cup of water or my favourite is ½ cup of milk and ½ cup of water, I don’t use skim milk so this is one way of reducing the fat.


Keeping your toppings healthy.

This can be a real tricky one. In our minds, we have got the basics right with our oats especially if you have adjusted the serving size as suggested above. But then the danger is we can add a lot of calories when we add the toppings and flavours. I heard this idea once and love the simplicity of the approach. Handful. Pick 3 toppings only and add them by the handful to keep the portion size in control.

Example, add a handful of nuts, a handful of berries and a handful of yoghurt. To transfer that into a measurement, try a ¼ cup of each.


Watch the sugar.

Sugar can and be and the obvious culprit for adding unwanted calories in a day. And sugar in itself is easy to avoid or manage the serving portion, but the danger is in the hidden sugars. Some of the toppings or additives that you can add to your morning breakfast are corn syrups, agave, fruit juices, sweetened nut butter, Nutella or sweetened yoghurts. These can derail your weight loss efforts completely. So just keep an eye on the sugar content of toppings via the nutritional panel. Remember that 4g of sugar is equivalent to sugar to them, so keep a keen eye on them.

Final Words


My final bonus tip is to eat your breakfast mindfully. What I mean by this is, don’t watch TV or read the paper or be standing racing around taking quick gulps as you prepare for your day. Allocate yourself 5 minutes to savour every mouthful. When you have finished, see how you feel, you may feel too full, so therefore reduce some of your toppings, or you may be starving by morning tea. Then you may need to add in some more protein. Jump over and have a read of my Article on how to add more protein to your oats. Breakfast of Champions.

At the end of the day, starting your day with a healthy oatmeal porridge might set the stage for healthier choices throughout the day, and this helps you lose weight.

Porridge is easy to make and adaptable, so you can experiment with adding to your meals and added toppings to reduce boredom.

Go for low-calorie toppings, like spices. Cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, apple pie spice, cardamom, ginger or chai spice can all add lots of flavour to your porridge with virtually no calories.

Add sweetness with stevia or a handful of berries instead of sugar or honey.

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