Breakfast Oatmeal

 Breakfast Oatmeal Using GF Uncontaminated Oats Ingredients 1/4 c. GF Oats 1 large dried fig + extra fig for garnish, diced 1 handful golden raisins 1 tsp ground chia 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon (or more to taste) 1 c. milk of choice (I used almond coconut milk) 1 tsp. vanilla extract pinch of sea salt small handful walnuts, chopped a …

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Breakfast Oatmeal Cookies

Breakfast Oatmeal Cookies

Breakfast Gluten-free Oatmeal Cookies Start the day with Breakfast Oatmeal Cookies Ingredients 1/2 cup of butter or alternative 1 cup of gluten-free brown rice flour 1 cup of GF Oats 1/2 cup applesauce or one grated green cooking apple 2 bananas 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp of baking powder (only if using just brown rice flour) 1/4 cup of maple syrup 1 tsp of cinnamon Method …

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