Banana Spinach & Oat Shake Recipe from Kylie’s Kitchen

At GF Oats, we naturally love oat smoothie recipes and this one is particularly unique and must-try for all oat lovers and oat enthusiasts! This healthy recipe comes from Becky at @becky_marathonhealthandfitness on Instagram. Becky makes this Banana Spinach and Oat smoothie as a post-run shake so we thought it was definitely worth sharing for …

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Friendship Food | Gluten Free Breakfast

Plum Porridge

Friendship Foods recipe book Kylie’s Kitchen Series We are recreating this gorgeous Plum Porridge recipe from the Friendship Foods Book. But first, here’s my review on this delicious book. Delicious feelgood food, it really says it all, doesn’t it? The title of a fabulous little recipe book that showcases everyday recipes to use across the …

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Breakfast Oatmeal

 Breakfast Oatmeal Using GF Uncontaminated Oats Ingredients 1/4 c. GF Oats 1 large dried fig + extra fig for garnish, diced 1 handful golden raisins 1 tsp ground chia 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon (or more to taste) 1 c. milk of choice (I used almond coconut milk) 1 tsp. vanilla extract pinch of sea salt small handful walnuts, chopped a …

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