How to make Oat Flour at Home


All you need is a few minutes and a blender

Here at GF Oats headquarters, we have held off importing any oat flour from the USA to date, as we just have not had the demand. I’m afraid until our oats can be called gluten-free like the rest of the world, we have just held out adding this ingredient to our product list. 

We will continue tracking that, but for the moment we can share with you how easy it is just to make your own oat flour quick and easy at home. BTW, it’s also cheaper to do it yourself.

What is Oat Flour?

Oat flour is made from ground oats. Very simple!
Oat flour is capable of making some incredible baked goods and breakfasts. We’re talking light and fluffy bread, pancakes, waffles, golden brown cookies, all the essential things. I have also used it in gravy and biscuits.


Grab yourself a blender. Any of our steamed rolled oats will work but using the GF Quick Oats will take less time. Add in approximately 2 cups of your favourite GF Oats. Don’t overburden the blender and if your blender is smaller or less powerful, then, by all means, blend your oats in smaller portions.

Once you have added your GF Oats to your blender or food processor, turn it on high, and let it do its thing! After a few minutes, most of the oats should look very fine and powdery. There will still be a few larger bits—no blender or food processor is perfect!

Now just use a find food strainer and sift the flour through. You can discard any of the lumps that are residue or set them aside to use in your next smoothie.

Good luck and enjoy this easy DIY Oat flour project.

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